Financing Options Are Available!
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At K L Turner Electric Inc., our goal is to ensure our services are accessible to each one of our customers. That’s why we offer a wide variety of financing options so you can choose the one that works best for you. Whether you need to pay it off in full or make monthly payments, we have a plan that will work!

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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Our team of electricians specialize in installing new panels and upgrading existing ones, so we can help you get the most out of your home or business.

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Get a Complete Electrical Panel Upgrade in Georgetown, TX

Electrical panel upgrades are an excellent way to improve your property’s energy efficiency and ensure safety. Don’t let old panels put your electrical system at bid, and partner with our professionals at K L Turner Electric Inc.! We’re licensed contractors with over 45 years of experience serving homeowners and businesses near Georgetown, TX. Our panels are built with high-quality components and are designed to last for years. Let us perform a thorough inspection so we can deliver an effective electrical solution for your unit in no time.

Ensure Your Property Complies With Local Codes

If you’re tired of being limited by the amount of electricity your house can handle, an electrical panel replacement will benefit you. This way, you can access more power while preventing overloads if your family or employees start building up their collection of devices. Electrical panels also come with automatic shutoff switches. Therefore, if there is a power surge, it will automatically shut down before anything bad happens. This enables property owners to reduce unnecessary spending on their energy bills. Take full advantage of all these by giving us a call!

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Today!

Whenever you need to upgrade an electrical panel in or near Georgetown, TX, turn to our professionals at K L Turner Electric Inc. This can save thousands of dollars in repairs and prevent dangerous fires from breaking out. Rest easy knowing that your electrical system is in good hands.